Vacuum Tobacco

Vacuum hookah tobacco (Vacuum)

We offer you a fresh tobacco from Nizhny Novgorod called Vacuum, which has been produced since the summer of 2018. The product has been popular for a long time due to its own sour flavors, including the Kizil flavor. Delicate and smoky, but still quite strong tobacco is able to give just the pleasure of hookah smoking that any of us hope for when we score a bowl.

The product is made from Virginia and Burley leaves, the subsequent fermentation and heat treatment, as well as packaging in branded aluminum cans is done by hand, which gives full right to call Vacuum truly “craft”.

Author’s flavors of Vacuum tobacco are based on organic raw materials, which are able to convey the natural aroma and feel a pleasant aftertaste. Balanced product, with the highest heat resistance leaves only pleasant emotions. The product is available in a 100g pack.

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