Tangiers Tobacco

Tange hookah tobacco is a record-breaking heat-resistant tobacco that is smoked on different amounts of coals, allowing hookah smokers to experiment boldly. Products of the American brand are famous for:

very high strength;
interesting tobacco flavor;
long smoking duration;
the highest smokiness;
flavor saturation.
Black tobacco for hookah is characterized by a very fine cut. In any package you will not be able to find large parts of leaves, “logs” and “sticks”. The blends are packed in packages of 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1000 grams, but on the Russian market there are only 100 and 50 g variants. The tobacco has a fairly abundant soak, with a tight bowl stacking preferred.

The strength of Tange for hookah is quite high. Unprepared people smoke such blends quite difficult and uncomfortable. Of course, after some time, the strength decreases, which allows you to appreciate the excellent flavor transfer and saturation of flavors without a dizzying blow.

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