D-Gastro Tabacco

D-Gastro (D-Gastro) hookah tobacco comes from Russia. Its manufacturer was the company D-Tobacco (Darkside). The product is quite unusual and therefore interesting, because the mixture initially comes in a dry composition with an addition in the form of liquid flavoring. The official supply of goods come in buckets in 0.5 kg packaging, which is very convenient for the purchase of restaurant-type establishments. To prepare tobacco, a day before smoking it must be poured with liquid, which is attached to the dry mixture. You will definitely be pleased with good smokiness and excellent bright aromatics.

How to score tobacco D-Gastro (D-Gastro). In principle, the tobacco opens well on any bowl, but we recommend using a turbo or traditional clay bowl. Punching is done depending on your preferences – either airy and indented, or one-touch, or dense for more strength.


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