Sho-mi Tobacco

The group of companies “Kalyan Master” appeared in 2009, in the city of Ufa, where it is located to this day. The company began developing its tobacco in 2016. The task was to create an interestingly priced, tasty and high-quality product that will appeal to both amateurs and professionals of the hookah industry.
The year 2020 was a landmark year for improving the quality of Sho-Mi products. Two new lines Geisha (golden Virginia) and Smokin’ Roll (Virginia rolled and cooked by a patented method in the form of a roll) appeared. And in the Samurai line they have changed the technology of tobacco leaf processing, balanced the proportions of Burley and Virginia for a better ratio of strength and smoking comfort.

In total at the moment the product has 3 lines:

“Samurai” line – Virginia, Burley, average strength 6 out of 10.
Geisha” line – Virginia Gold, low strength 3 out of 10.
Smokin’ ROLL” line – Virginia Gold, low strength 4 out of 10.
Samurai line is produced in packages of 25, 50 and 250 grams, Geisha line – in 40 grams.

The most interesting know-how of the company is the Smokin’ Roll line.

To create it, tobacco is processed, rolled and flavored using a special patented technology. There are 5 flavors in the line so far. The line is made for beginners who don’t want to bother with filling a bowl. Sold in a package of 40 grams, consisting of 2 rolls.

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