Trofimoff's Tobacco

Trofimoff’S hookah tobacco is made of Italian Burley leaf. It has less fermentation than cigar raw material. In the catalog of Hookah House you will find original smoking blends from Trofimoff tobacco.

Advantages of Trofimoff tobacco
We recommend buying Trofimoff tobacco because it has unique characteristics:

Convenient cutting – the crumbly flake fraction is ideal for fluffy puffing;
Handmade – Trofimoff tobacco is handmade in small batches using techniques that preserve the high quality of raw materials;
Duration of smoking – the flavor of the smoke is retained for 15-20 minutes.
In addition, the manufacturer maintains an acceptable cost of tobacco, so that it can be tried by all hookah lovers.

Trofimoff tobacco strength
The tobacco leaf has an average strength at the level of 2.5-3%. It will suit most smokers, but those who prefer strong varieties should look at other options.

Trofimoff flavors
The most popular fruit flavors of tobacco are:

Pan Banan;
Old School Orange;
A total of 80 flavors can be found in the manufacturer’s catalog. 45 of them are included in the BRL line, 15 – in No Aroma, and 20 – Terror. The latter have the most intense flavor, which some may find overly intrusive.

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