Twice Tobacco

The new Twice tobacco welcomes us with bright packaging and promising flavors. Burley and Virginia blend is used, and the tobacco is quite light. There are 2 lines: Relax and Energy. Relax uses soothing extracts such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile, vanilla, and lavender, while Energy uses invigorating extracts of citrus, coca, cinnamon, and black tea.
It can be mixed with stronger tobaccos to enhance the strength.
Twice tobacco production
Twice has its own production, the guys approach their product with soul. There is a clear formed strategy and brand positioning. The product fits well into the modern trends of life. The jars are bright and stylish. Each of its own color. The name of the flavor is indicated on the top and side of the jar. The packs are 40 and 200 g.

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