Original Virginia Tobacco

Original Virginia hookah tobacco is produced by a Russian manufacturer since 2018. The product has four series – Original, Dark, T-Line, Heavy, which differ in strength and flavor ideology. The first three lines are made from the “Virginia” variety with an aging period of two years. The Heavy line uses a blend of Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves. Raw materials are imported from the USA, flavorings, glycerin and sugar are bought in Germany.

Original Virginia tobacco is characterized by a slightly larger than average cut, has a light brown color and is perfectly soaked in syrup. The consistency is sticky, but not wet, fluffs perfectly, there are twigs and large leaves. Muassel is scored in any bowls, if desired, you can cut a little. The product is characterized by excellent smokiness and medium heat resistance – it can overheat, but quickly recovers without loss of flavor.

Tobacco blends are characterized by bright aromatics and remarkable flavor profile. The flavor corresponds to the smell and holds throughout the smoking process, which can last more than an hour, depending on the bowl and the number of smokers. The following top flavors are highlighted:


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