Izzibro Tobacco

IZZI BRO is a hookah blend made on the basis of Sudanese rose, green and black tea fibers.

The product is characterized by excellent smokiness, heat resistance, balanced flavor and low strength.

What’s the fun of IZZI BRO?

There are a few simple reasons to pick up a brightly colored pack of IZZI BRO

– price/quality

Trite, but as it is. The cost is cheaper than the competition for 50 and 200 grams of quality product.

– simplicity

Enjoy your hookah in a simple way. Top-notch heat resistance allows you to smoke deliciously and not have to worry about when to remove or add charcoal.

– versatility

With the right ingredients, IZZI BRO collabs perfectly with other products. No conflict, just delicious mixology the way you want it.

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